5 Tips to Enhance Your eCommerce Website

When we talk about eCommerce websites, the design is the first thing that comes to our mind irrespective of the platform we use. The design of your website is the only asset that makes it look visually appealing. It also helps in targeting potential customers through your site and turn them into actual buyers.

If you want to make a considerable sell, you need to create a strong online presence in the ecommerce world. But due to a competition, it can get tough for you to establish your grounds. Not only you have to face competition with businesses of your level but you also have to deal with international giants such as Amazon and Walmart.

Therefore, along with eCommerce website development, it is very necessary to pay equal attention to the design of your ecommerce website.

Read the blog further to learn how to create a better eCommerce website with minimal efforts.

  1. Avoid Clutter

It has been found that ecommerce websites with simple designs tend to have higher conversion rates.

Do not believe us?

Then take a look at your homepage right now.

What do you think the visitor will see at the very first sight?

There is too much to decide which one to pick?

That is why we say design is the key. Make sure that there is a clear point of focus on your website. This focus is your CTA that attracts your visitor’s eye and guides them as to what action they should take next.

The statistic is shown below clearly explains that only 47% of the successful ecommerce businesses pay heed to place a CTA (Call-to-Action) on their landing page. We think now you would have understood that in order to be amongst the top businesses, it is very essential that you avoid clutter.

eCommerce Website-1

Source: Quicksprout

  1. Simplify the Menu

Simplified menus allow you to stay organized. Organized selling attracts more customers than usual. Too many categories confuse the visitors and prevent them from finding what they are looking for. Do not complicate things for your ‘to-be-customers.’

Also, do not make your menu super-specific rather try using broad terms to categorize your products.

For instance, your ecommerce brand sells clothing with items such as Badminton Racquets, long sleeve shirts, Basketball, tops, Sports Shoes. Instead of making a different category for each, create only two categories namely- ‘clothes’ and ‘sports Item.’


 Here’s the landing page of Amazon’s website depicting the ‘simplified menu’ on the left.

  1. Create an Easy Check-Out Process

Understand that each visitor on your website is a potential customer. Your job is to take the customer from the landing page to the cart for him to make a purchase. Try to create an easy-to-follow check-out process.  Any additional steps in the process may increase the chances of cart abandonment. You can leverage from open-source shopping cart solutions to reduce cart abandonment.

  1. DO NOT Force Visitors to Sign Up!

If you want your visitors to become your loyal customers, forcing them to sign up can create a negative impact. Make signing up a mandatory process while checking out but if the user does not want to buy, then do not make it a compulsion for him to create a profile. It will irritate your users and they might never come back to your website.

  1. Apart from Design, Build a Subscriber List

In order to enhance your ecommerce website functioning, ask your ecommerce development company to create an ecommerce email list to drive more traffic to your website. Once you have email addresses of your visitors, contact them with special offers and promotions. 


We know that running a successful ecommerce website is not a piece of cake that you can eat just like that. Fortunately, you can utilize that above-discussed tips to improve your chances of driving sales. It will also keep your customers coming back for more. Identify the changes that need to be made and start working on your website as early as possible.