To Buy or to DIY, that’s the Question

Each one of us has our own set of skills and expertise. Some are good in math while others are incredible in writing. There are others who can bake like a champ and some who cook absolutely delicious dishes. There are those who are amazing in repairs around the home while others are best in carpentry work. When you think about it, all of us are blessed with these skills and more so we can help each other. We hire or ask for help when we need it or we buy products and/or services if it’s something that we cannot do on our own because of physical problems like backpain, which is very common or a lack of skills. Seldom will we find people who consider themselves as an expert on everything.

Best Compound Saw for the MoneyHowever, when you always have to buy or hire, expect to shell out a lot of money. You cannot always demand to have everything done the way you want it done unless you spend more to have something customized for you. And if you know how to work things on your own, then you can probably save a few dollars; but is it really recommended for you to DIY all the time? Is it even worth it?

The internet is packed with thousands and even millions of DIY articles and videos. From recipes to repairs to pieces of furniture to arts and crafts; if you’re pretty good in following instructions then you can probably pull off making a coffee table on your own with just a step-by-step procedure you found online. Another however – you still have to spend money for this unless you already have the tools and equipment needed.

Being Practical When You DIY

Other people think that if they DIY, they are actually being practical. While that could be true in many cases, in other ways it is not. For example, you saw a video online on how to make wooden photo frames. You went on to buy wood, glass, glue, a drill and a miter saw. You spent a few hundred dollars for all these materials when you could have easily bought ready-made photo frames for under $20. Considering that you were able to make these frames flawlessly and you managed to follow instructions well, unless you plan to use the drill and the miter saw for other projects and you’re looking into probably making this a business or a regular hobby, then that’s the only time you could consider this worth it money-wise. Visit Straight Kerfs to help you to decide which miter saw does the job you need to be done and take a look at the reviews which are really helpful. When you’re talking about self-fulfillment, that’s a whole other subject.

Now all these instructions and videos could make it very tempting for you to try. After all, these “experts” you see online make things look so easy. Who would have thought baking lasagna was as easy as making scrambled eggs? Experts make calligraphy seem like they’re just doodling on paper! But once you try these, they are a lot harder than they seem. Before you decide if you will DIY, double-check your purpose first. Do you really just want to try this or are you seriously considering turning this into your weekend habit or a regular career? Be practical and know when you have to just buy or hire.