You will be surprised to hear that most of the doctors classify 90% of all the low back pains as “non-specific”, meaning that the exact cause of the pain is not clear. Unfortunately, for thousands of people suffering from low back pain, this can be a disappointing statement. The secret to finding the best cure for your low back pain depends on the trial and error method. Rather than simply relying on the medical approach, you need to look for the unconventional methods as well and try to focus on a well-rounded approach.

Following are some of the unconventional methods you can use to effectively manage your low back pain problem.

1. Use Memory Foam Mattress

Foam MattressMost of the doctors link your low back pain problem to insomnia, it is estimated that 2 out of 3 patients who suffer from chronic back pain also suffer from some form of sleep disorder. If you are unable to enjoy a good night sleep, you are likely to not only suffer from low back pain problem, but also from other serious illnesses such as stress and depression.

If you are serious about treating your low back problem, you need to change your mattress and replace it with a memory foam mattress. According to Foam Nights, a memory foam mattress is different from the other mattresses as it conforms to the contours of your body and thereby reduces the pressure points which are the primary causes of low back pain and other body aches. You will be able to enjoy superior comfort and sound sleep with a memory foam mattress.

2. Adopt Simple Exercises

Besides using a memory foam mattress to enjoy a better night sleep and get rid of your low back pain, you also need to do some simple exercises to keep your low back muscles and joints in constant movement. While performing our daily routine tasks, the muscles and joints of the lower lumbar spine do not get enough exercise, this is the reason these muscles and joints are more sensitive and vulnerable to pain. People, who enjoy doing intensive low back exercises, are less likely to suffer from any low back pains. There are several simple methods to strengthen your lower back muscles and bones and enjoy great relief from the pain.

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We humans never seem to be happy with what we have, instead we long for what we can’t seem to own. For instance we’re not exercising but want great stamina, and the same kind of thing goes for hairstyles. This statement holds especially true for women who have long curly hair that long for straight, shiny and long hair (while on the other hand, women who were born with straight hair yearn for waves and curls…).

For the past few years, straight, shiny and long hair has been the most desired and sought hairstyle and when it comes to hair, women will take great measures and spare no expense to maintain their hair according to the latest fashion. The equipment for straight hair includes blow dryers, flat irons, straighteners and many other products that claim to wipe curls from your hair. Some people even spend hundreds of dollars to obtain straight and curl-free hair for a few months through processes like Brazilian blow-out or Japanese hair straightening treatment. The most frequently asked question isif these processes and products make a difference or do they damage your hair? Below we will discuss some facts about hair and these products.

Straight, Curly or Wavy:
People wonder why they have so curly or wavy hair and not straight? The answer is simple, the type of hair we have depends upon something called hair follicles. Our hair grow out of these follicles and shape of our follicles depends on our genes.

Is Blow Drying Harmful?

Actually, your hair is already dead tissue so it’s not like you can kill it but blow drying can cripple your hair’s cuticle which safeguards your hair. Heat can parch all of the moisture your hair obtains from the shaft, moisture that is necessary in order to protect your hair from damage.

Even though blow-drying is a cheap and easy way to straighten hair at home (or even when travelling), but if you intend to do it on daily basis then you should condition your hair regularly as well. Integrating a diffuser into your blow-dryer is also a good choice and you are free to experiment with products that claim to protect your hair from heat damage.

Flat irons or Straighteners:

Hair Flat IronHair straighteners or flat irons follow the same principle as blow dryers. They apply heat to your hair and heat is potential of causing damage if high temperature setting is used or by frequent use of hair straightener. However, flat iron technology is improving every day, and as the the best natural hair straightener ratings of 2015 prove you can reduce damage by using products that provide heat protection or use leave-in conditioner before straightening your hair.

Long term straightening processes:
There was no limit to women’s joy who yearned for straight when they heard of a process called Brazilian blow-out process. This South American process has become quite eminent despite the lengthy procedure and expensive price that can cost you up to $600.

The process compromises of introducing a formula called keratin into your hair (hair is essentially made up of a protein called keratin) followed by a high temperature straightening process which leaves your hair with a smooth gloss. The problem with this process is that some products contain formaldehyde which is also a carcinogenic substance. Canada recently issued a warning for citizens to prohibit them from using a product called “Brazilian Blow Out Solution” because it contains dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

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Molds grow in moist or damp places where the humidity levels are high. High humidity means a lot of moisture in air, which is where mold is most likely to grow. The places in your home where mold is expected to be found are bathrooms, kitchens or basements. If you haven’t found mold in your bathroom, then you might not be noticing it because it mostly grows in corners. You will never want mold to grow in your home because from a small spot it becomes a hazard affecting you and your family’s health. So, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid mold and remove it if it has grown anywhere in your home.

dehumidifier workingFor starters, you should use dehumidifiers to prevent the growth of mold in your home. A dehumidifier works on the principle of extracting water from air, which is how they reduce the humidity level. They are also inexpensive, so make sure to read a few reviews of different dehumidification methods and buy one if you can.

However, this article is focused on removing mold from your bathroom, so here are some of the best ways to accomplish this task.

  1. Vinegar

    Vinegar has a light acidity, which makes it a good cleaning product. It also works great when it comes to removing mold. So, take some light acidic vinegar and transfer it to a spray bottle but make sure that the spray bottle is completely dry because you don’t want to mix vinegar with water. It will lose its strength if water is added to it. Spray the vinegar wherever you find mold and let it be there for an hour. Then clean the area with hot water and the mold will be gone. Now, dry that area with a towel.

  2. Ammonia

    Ammonia also works well for removing mold. It comes in different types but for removing mold, make sure that you only use “clear ammonia”. Put some clear ammonia in a spray bottle and then spray it at the area where mold has grown. Now rub that area with a brush so that the mold is completely gone. Leave that area for one to two hours and then clean it with a towel.

  3. Bleach

    Mix one part of bleach to three parts of water and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. Now, spray it at where you find mold and then rinse it off with a brush until the mold is removed.

Note: Never try to mix ammonia and bleach together as they will go through a chemical reaction and release poisonous fumes, which are really harmful to your health.

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